martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Hunny bunny.

I know you're out there,
you might be right around the corner,
and you'll be the girl that I love.
No one could take you,
no other man could make you an offer
'cause I'll be the one that you want.

I've been messing with so many girls.
who could give a damn about who I am,
They don't like my boney body
they don't like my dirty hair,
or the stuff that I say,
or the stuff that I'm on.
I'm gonna get you, honey.

I know you're somewhere,
and nothing's ever gonna phase me.
You'll look at me and know I'm the one,
and you will love me
for all the reasons everyone hates me,
and we could do whatever we want.

Mama, she really loved me,
even when I was bad.
She'd hold my little hand,
and kiss me on the cheek,
and when I cried, she would hold me closely,
and tell me, everything will be all right.
That woman loved me,
I need a woman who loves me.


I know you're out there.

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