domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Words with broken wings and a possible epitaph.

Those words are far gone now. Don’t ask me where, cause I missed them on purpose.
“I love you” ha, sure. Never again, I’ll never get fooled again, and I guess I’ll never lie to anybody, just don’t wanna create the illusion, don’t wanna mess around with everybody neither. So, I assume it qualifies as a new bubble, right?
Damn, such a big hole you’ve left on me! How much I felt for you, and how much I miss you.
You said goodbye, but I do not know what the meaning is; neither want somebody as a teacher, so I suppose we’ll meet again, even if it is in the other life. Till then, be happy and have a long life, honey.
See ya!

Rafo De La Cuba - A veces pienso en Camila by Psyché

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