sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

She called me sweet thing.

I’m sorry honey, but here I am,
maybe you were better alone,
still don’t regret what we owned,
thought things anymore are the same.

Treat me softly, haven’t you seen
this fragile sign on my heart,
this risk is what I take, I mean,
with no guarantee, but your trust.

I can’t say goodbye, not forever.
Let’s get out of this state of solitude.
This is what I learned with you,
I won’t let you come down.

I’ll be there, though I see
it’s not safe that place,
but if you stay with me,
then I don’t care.

Darling, with me come home,
walking down the rain,
like we used to once again.
Still love you to my bones.

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